February 18, 2022

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"The family alone, was what sold the deal. Their personality, their love, their care was what made me confident in moving forward with future kenneling for our chocolate lab. Sometimes when you make a good family, Sometimes you just know they’re good!"
January 24, 2022


"This is the best boarding experience ever! We left our sweet Louie in Katie's care for a full week. It was the best experience ever and I won't go anywhere else. We received pictures during his stay and Katie doted on him just like he was one of her own. This is a top notch operation. So caring and so CLEAN!"
January 19, 2022

"I absolutely love working for Katie and Marshall. They create a very friendly environment and the kennel is always in immaculate shape! "
March 31, 2021

November 30, 2020

Great Breeders

"We adopted a labradoodle in October. Harvey is a wonderful addition to our family! Smartest and faster learner we’ve had in 52 years of dog companions. Thanks Deedee and Ronnie!"
Parkers Paws LLC