Puppies and Dogs for Sale in Springfield, TN

Are you looking for the newest addition to your family? If you’re seriously considering bringing home a new puppy, Parkers Paws LLC is the place to start your search! We breed and raise puppies from several wonderful breeds, and make sure that all of our dogs end up in loving homes where they’ll spend their entire lives happy.

We invite you to contact us if you’re serious about adding a new dog to your family. We frequently have new litters of puppies for sale in Springfield, TN.


For many years, we’ve been raising puppies from a number of select breeds. Not only has this given us expertise in these dogs, it has allowed us to understand their needs at any stage of life. As a result, we’re able to raise dogs that are happier, healthier and well-behaved. Some of the puppies and dogs for sale in Springfield, TN we have include:

  • Miniature Dachshund puppies in crème, black and tan, red and tan, and dapple varieties. All are American Kennel Club registered.
  • We take great pride in raising dogs that are well-tempered, beautifully groomed and in great health.


In addition to raising puppies, we also offer breeding services for Labradoodles and Dachshund dogs. We have both sires and dames available for these breeds and offer years of breeding expertise to ensure the offspring will be well-bred.

Contact Us

Contact us today regarding any of our puppies for sale in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky or to inquire about breeding or pet boarding services. We can be reached at 615-654-3647.