Pet Grooming in Springfield, TN


When people think of pet grooming, what comes to mind are bows, brushes, and a pet being pampered. This may make people believe that pet grooming is not necessary. The truth is that pet grooming is important as it promotes your pet’s health. The same way you groom yourself to keep yourself healthy is why you need to groom your pet as well. You can eliminate fleas and ticks and avoid other health conditions with proper grooming.

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Dog Grooming in Springfield, TN

Here are some of the services you can get when you take your little companion for grooming.


Every now and then, your pet’s fur will need trimming, especially for long-haired dogs. Even short-haired breeds can also benefit from this service. Trimming helps remove any dirt that may have gotten tangled with the pet’s hair. Plus, you will also be preventing the pet’s hair from getting out of control. Another part of grooming your pet is through brushing regularly. Brushing helps remove dead hair, dandruff, and dirt. It also reduces the number of hairballs that pets can ingest when licking themselves.

Bathing and Nail Trimming

How often do you wash your pets? Generally, you are not supposed to wash the pet often, leading to adverse health issues. When you wash your pets regularly, you remove natural oils from their skin, which leaves them with dry and itchy patches that can cause an infection. However, some washing is necessary to ensure your pet remains germ-free. Depending on the breed, you can ask your vet how often to wash your pet. Do not forget to trim the nails. When left unchecked, pets grow and become extremely sharp, leading to injuries. Minimize that risk by trimming those nails regularly. Also, you want to ensure nails do not get caught up in the carpet or furniture. Another advantage of trimming nails is that you will be preventing the likelihood of in-growing nails. For older pets, you can ease joint pain and arthritis by trimming nails.


Taking Your Pet to a Groomer

We all love our pets, which is why we always do our best to take care of them. But once in a while, consider professional dog grooming services. A pet groomer will offer all these services to your dog and much more. If it has been a while since you showed your little friend some love, reach out to Parkers Paws LLC. Call for pricing, and we will help you find the right package for your friend.

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